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I was born in Poland, lived most of my life in England and am currently based between those two countries. I teach yoga in London and Krakow and hold regular workshops and retreats internationally. 


As well as a devoted yoga teacher I am also a dance artist and choreographer. My signature teaching style is influenced by my dance training, somatic practices (Feldenkrais, Alexander Technique), Zen Yoga, Vinyasa and Restorative. I am also grateful to teachers like Annie Carpenter, Marcus Veda, Stewart Gilchrist and Susan Lahusen whos teachings are always an inspiration to me. 

My classes are very much alignment based but they are always meant as a source for an internal inquiry. I treat yoga practice as a vehicle for a spiritual awakening and I have a great belief in its transformational power. 


I would be honoured to help you navigate your own way through this potent practice. 

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